Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing

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This is a 74 credit marketing qualification which is ideal for those who are new to digital marketing.

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This course is aimed at learners entering the Digital Marketing Sector as well as those already working in these areas wishing to renew their skills with formal training. Covering a wide range of knowledge and skills to understand the impact and power of social media, you will be assessed to ensure you understand digital marketing as a competitive business tool.  You can fast track through the course or complete it in 9 months. Join our online tutor led classes or catch up online at your own convenience. You’ll receive one-to-one portfolio support and guidance and all for a competitive fee.

At LCAM learn about digital marketing to take your career or your business to the next level.

Sample Topic: Innovative Marketing Campaigns

Learners must achieve 74 credits in total. 27 credits must be achieved from the mandatory units (M) and a minimum of 14 credits must be achieved from Group A. The remaining 33 credits may be taken from either Group A or Group B. A typical programme looks as follows.  Please click here for the Aim website to view full unit descriptions.

Start Date: Flexible

Length of Course: The maximum time that you may take to complete your course is 9 months. 

Unit Reference NumberUnit TitleGroupLevelCredit ValueGLH
L/505/1584Develop Own ProfessionalismMThree429
R/505/1585Digital Marketing Metrics and AnalyticsMThree639
T/502/9935Principles of Marketing and EvaluationMThree750
F/502/8206Understanding Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Requirements in Sales or MarketingMTwo215
F/600/7799Understanding the Business EnvironmentMTwo216
T/502/4380Using Collaborative TechnologiesMThree645
D/505/1587Content MarketingAThree535
D/505/1590E-mail MarketingAThree641
H/505/1588Marketing on Mobile DevicesAThree527
K/505/1589Online Display AdvertisingAThree423
Y/505/1586Search Engine MarketingAThree532
H/505/1591Brand DevelopmentBThree530
H/503/9327Content Management System Website CreationBThree736
M/503/9329Principles of Keywords and OptimisationBThree530
M/505/1593Produce Copy for Digital Media CommunicationBThree641

This is a 100% distance learning course so it’s your choice.  Study at home, at work, on the beach or on the go.

Online tutorials, videos, elearning materials, activities, projects, one-to-one support and more to equip you with the knowledge and skills that you will need to pass the course.

You will create a portfolio of evidence.

You do not need to have specific qualifications to do this course.  

We do recommend that you have a:

  • good command of English (written and spoken)
  • general understanding of social media platforms (for example having facebook and twitter accounts, using YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat or other platforms and having experience of online shopping)

You need to be computer literate and have:

  • access to a computer (a tablet or smart phone may also be used and will require an app to be installed)
  • access to the internet

You may also need occasional access to a printer.